32Gb Ultimate Raptor Set

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32Gb Ultimate Raptor Set

Get the Ultimate Raptor set of a 32Gb Raptor + Controller + Light tint visor for a reduced price!

For the 16Gb Ultimate Raptor set click here.

Raptor AR Smartglasses are designed to enhance every ride by projecting an unobtrusive AR layer of information out in front of the cyclist’s eyes. Having real-time information projected out in front of you allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead – increasing safety while focusing on performance, body posture, and accomplishments or simply soaking in the views and enjoying an amazing bike ride. Raptor’s HD front-facing camera allows you to relive your unforgettable moments with real-time metrics embedded on the videos.



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  • This is a 32Gb Raptor set
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Got Questions?
  • Not a problem. You can get an Rx adaptor from us (sold separately) that fits inside your Raptors. Just take the adaptor to your optometrist to have your prescription fitted, insert into the smartglasses, and you're good to go!
  • We currently ship to Europe, Canada and to the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Unfortunately we cannot ship to PO boxes, military bases, etc.
  • Raptor can pair with Bluetooth, BLE or ANT+ enabled sensors like your heart rate monitor, power meter, cadence and speed sensors. It's not necessary to ride with your phone to connect your sensors.
  • Raptor fits most helmets. Raptor fits best with a slight gap available above your ears while sitting over straps and is not intended to be used over or under the helmet itself (For example: On a full faced helmet).
  • Absolutely! Just make sure you connect your account before your ride. Once the ride is posted, it will automatically cross-post to your Strava account, where you can see and share your most recent rides.
  • Raptor's nosepiece is designed for great grip and optimal comfort, even when you're sweating buckets.
  • Raptor is charged via a Micro-USB at the end of the left arm. A full charge can give you up to 8 hours of ride time!
  • Raptor has an IP55 water and dustproofing rating.
  • Raptor smartglasses weigh in at around three and a half ounces (approximately 98g)!
  • Of course you can listen to music and you don't even need headphones! Raptor comes with 16 or 32 GB of storage as well as a built-in speaker so you can always enjoy your own personal playlists without needing to carry other players.
  • The proximity sensor helps to prolong your Raptor's battery life. When they aren't being used or you're not wearing them, the BEAM™ display dims so as not to waste the battery.