Light Tint Visor

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Light Tint Visor

Perfect for riding at night or in low-visibility conditions, Raptor’s light tint visor provides maximum clarity with a high quality aerodynamic design that offers optimal wind and impact protection. The visor is easy to mount and maintain, and comes with its own handy pouch / cleaning cloth

  • Complies with top aerospace standards
  • Easy to switch in and out
  • Anti-reflective & hydrophobic coatings
  • Total privacy: display cannot be seen by observers
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  • Raptor comes with the dark tint visor already attached to your Raptor right out of the box. The light tint visor for darker lighting conditions is sold separately. We offer the dark tint visor separately should you want or need to replace your existing visor for any reason.
  • All Raptor visors are highly durable and designed to tolerate windy, rainy weather as well as high-mass/velocity impacts.
  • Switching visors is a simple one-click process. Just pull out the exitsting visor, and replace it with the new one!
  • No. Thanks to Raptor's patented technology, you're the only one able to see the information displayed in the BEAM™ readout on your visor.
  • Every visor comes with its very own pouch / cleaning cloth so you always have everything you need to carry it with you while protecting against scratches or damage.