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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping of Raptor!
Everysight Blog

Major Strides in Raptor’s Version 21

December 3, 2018
Everysight Blog

You’ve asked for enhancements to Raptor and we are thrilled to be able to provide!

Your feedback has helped us to know the most important changes you wanted to see in Raptor and we have been able to implement a number of them in this latest version of the Raptor software! Please be sure that your Everysight App is up to date to take full advantage of many of these new features.

New in-ride features:

  • By an overwhelming majority, % Gradient was a top request! Now you can see your incline in real-time. Be sure that you are updated to the latest version of the Everysight app before riding so you can add these fields to your screens.
  • We’ve added 47 new field options to the ride screens including: HR Zone, HR % Max, Power Zone, Power % FTP, last lap average and more! If you are recording videos in HD, be sure to download the newly updated Annotation tool (beta version now available) so that you can see apply your metrics to your videos post-ride!
  • In Navigation mode, you can now zoom in and out on the Elevation Graph!
  • Now you can also pair your AeroPod by Velocomp and monitor your co-efficient of drag area (CDA) in real time! Full details on how to set this up, here.
  • Raptor now supports importing TCX files via USB – route files can be either GPX or TCX if uploading using a USB cable.

UI Enhancements

  • Toggle between Volume and Brightness easily with a simple Tap. Performing a long press opens the active apps menu. If you choose brightness and wanted to adjust volume (or vice versa), just tap and you will alternate between the two.

App Enhancements

  • Make sure you are measuring your speed and distance accurately by setting your wheel circumference (Now available directly from the Everysight App).
  • You can now change your units of distance measurement right from the Everysight App.

Additional Changes

  • Bug Fixes
  • Stability improvements


For complete instructions on performing the software update, click here.

Please be advised that in order to support the new software, you will need to reconfigure your sensors. This can be done by following this procedure.

We are here and always available and happy to assist with any questions or comments at!


Best regards,

The Customer Success Team

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