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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping of Raptor!
Everysight Blog

Raptor’s version 12 announcement

July 5, 2018
Everysight Blog

We are always working to improve our user experience and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that your experience with Raptor is a flawless one. Alongside many bug fixes and user interface enhancements, version 12 includes 3 major upgrades

Sensors Connectivity Algorithm

  • Our software team has redesigned the whole sensors connectivity algorithm so now it is more robust, more stable and finds your sensors faster.
  • A major change regarding sensors is that Raptor will sweep for ANT+ sensors first and then search for Bluetooth sensors a few seconds later.
  • **Upgrading to version 12 may require you to disconnect from your existing sensors in the case that they are not connecting automatically. This can be done by swiping up on each sensor and to then reconfigure them. To learn more about how to perform this process, click here. You will only need to do this once, afterwards you will enjoy a better experience with Raptor.

UI Enhancements

  • GPS notifications have been updated
  • Camera enhancement – you can now add an additional 30 seconds of record time to your video by swiping forward while recording and in the last 30 seconds of your recording. You can also use the voice command, “Extend Video” in your last 30 seconds of recording to extend the video up to 30 seconds more.

More Voice Commands!

  • Due to the overwhelming feedback received by our UX team from our customers, we have added several new voice commands to meet our customer’s input asking for more and more functionality to be controlled via voice commands, particularly with regards to using the camera.
  • We understand that using the touch pad is not always the ideal solution, especially on a challenging terrain, a fast descent, or even on a high-moisture day.
  • Version 12 includes the following NEW voice commands:
    • Stop video
    • Extend video –
      • Please be advised – when you have less than 30 sec left to your video recording, you can extend the video with an additional 30 secs. Each video can be extended only once, meaning the video cannot exceed 1.5 mins.
    • Close camera
    • show settings
    • play music
    • last message –
      • Please note that this command will display the last message in the system, which is not necessarily your last text or email…
    • Ride lap

For complete instructions on performing the software update, click here.

We are here and always available and happy to assist at!

Best regards,
Aaron from Everysight

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