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  • "An AR experience that makes sense and doesn't feel gimmicky"

  • "Turned out to be far less distracting than I thought it would be"

  • "Within a few minutes it was simple to look past the display and through the lenses, just like with normal sunglasses"

  • "The lightweight camera with voice activated controls could be fun to capture video of your holeshot attempt"

  • "Impressive as the AR display was, I was more surprised by the quality of the video footage and photos"

  • "Not knowing what to expect other than the fact that they were an AR device you put on your face I was pleasantly surprised"

  • "The UI is simple with all information being thrown at you via colour coded indicators"

  • "The feature list of the Raptor glasses is in a word, astonishing"

  • "Our time with these smartglasses have left us impressed"

  • "The Everysight Raptor, a new augmented reality goggle designed for cyclists, are a model for heads-up displays"

  • "We’re pretty sure Everysight’s Raptor AR Sunglasses are it"

  • "The difference between looking at the display and refocusing up the road was beyond miniscule; I didn’t even notice"

  • "Toggle to the map feature and you work your way through even the toughest of mazes"

  • "Raptor is more refined, slimmer, and I like how you can see through the display"

  • “Clarity of the display was bright and clear, even in direct sunlight.”

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